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September 2018


Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • SEPTEMBER 13th (Thursday) – Please mark your calendars and plan to attend our first meeting of the 2018-19 year at Prince of Peace Church at 3:15.  The program is Girls in the Game-Revisited. Representatives of this dynamic organization are returning! They will share updates showing how they are continuing to impact the lives of girls in Chicago through sports, health and leadership programs. Our service project for this meeting are new frisbees and a “High 5”! We will also be collecting school supplies. Please bring a new frisbee and a $5 donation for the Girls in the Game.
  • September 20-21 – Lambda State Executive Board Meeting in Bloomington, IL.  
  • September 24- Book Club is meeting to discuss Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.  Sudha Byanna will be facilitating our discussion and will give us more details about our location as we get closer to the date. Contact Sudha if you are interested in attending our next book club gathering. 
  • October 5-7-The DKG Creative Arts Retreat in Oregon, IL. The Creative Arts Retreat is always a fun, learning opportunity and a chance to meet other DKG members throughout the state.  If you want to learn more about it and are interested in attending, see the attached registration form.
  • October 13th-Our Saturday lunch meeting at Elgin Country Club! We will have more opportunity to socialize while enjoying a wonderful lunch.  Our program will be Member Collections and we will have fun checking out the various collections of our Gamma Gamma Members.
  • October 20- DKG Legislative Seminar at the Lincoln Public Library in Springfield, IL from 10-4:30pm. See attached registration form.
  • October 31– All Chapter dues must be paid-no exceptions!   


  • Our new 2018-19 directory/yearbook is published! Don’t forget to pick up your new directory at our Sept. 13th meeting! If you can’t pick up your new directory/yearbook, make arrangements to have a friend pick it up for you.
  • Care Team News:

Please contact Glenda Klein-Mali(and Mary Wrobel) if you have any news for the Care Team.  We also love to hear your good news and celebrations! Let us know what you would like shared with Gamma Gamma sisters via newsletter or other announcements.

Joyce Dunne loves hearing from her Gamma Gamma sisters! You can send cards to her new address:
1800 Colonial Parkway
Inverness, IL 60067

Carol Escortia is recovering from a broken pelvis.
Pat Rielly recently had knee replacement surgery

  • Chapter dues are $84 (or $42 for reserve members).  You can pay your dues to our treasurer, Linda Stolt, at any time.  You can mail your checks to her address: 1912 Quaker Hollow Lane, Streamwood, IL 60107.  If you can’t mail your check to Linda, please bring your checkbook to our Sept. 13th meeting. Oct 30th is the deadline!
  • When you receive your membership card please keep it in a secure place as this will be your permanent card.  DKG will no longer be issuing new membership cards each year.



Society Business completed the budget for 2018-19 and made changes and addendums to our chapter rules.  The following changes regarding awarding of member scholarships were added to our rules. Please make note of these changes as they affect our membership.

(3) “award a Gamma Gamma scholarship for up to $100.00 to a member for course work or workshop(s) taken for professional growth.  The course/workshop must be taken between June 1st of the previous year and May 31st of the current year.  Eligible members shall submit an application including their name, date of course/workshop, university or sponsoring institution, and course/workshop title to the committee chair by April 1st.”

(Examples:  To maintain or improve professional certification as CEU, CPDU, SLP, and SSW; or coursework/workshop toward an advanced degree in education) 

(4) “award a Love of Learning stipend for up to $100.00 to a member for a class(es) or a workshop taken for personal growth.  The class/workshop must be taken between June 1st of the previous year and May 31st of the current year.  Eligible members shall submit an application including their name, date of class/workshop, university or sponsoring institution, and class/workshop title to the committee chair by April 1st.”  

 (5) Educational ExcellenceCommittee should review the content of the application to verify the correct designation  for either the Gamma Gamma scholarship or Love of Learning stipend.  Names of applicants for each stipend should be entered into two separate random drawings. “The Gamma Gamma scholarship and Love of Learning stipend shall be awarded at the May meeting by randomly selecting a name from those submitting the necessary information.”

*Please print out a copy of the attached 2018-19 budget and bring to our September 13 meeting. 


Welcome back to another year of learning, service, and fun with your DKG sisters!

With every new year, comes new beginnings! Starting with our September meeting, there will be a “mixer” activity to participate in during the social time. When you sign-in, be sure to take the “Getting to Know Us…” sheet and try to collect as many names as possible who fit the descriptions. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll learn about our members!!! (Prizes will be awarded for those who have the most names!) Have fun!!

The emphasis this year is to encourage more members to attend our programs and to participate more in our chapter activities. We also want to maintain contact with all our members and encourage members to invite guests to the meetings and social events. Of our 84 active members, 27 were identified as members that attended 2 or fewer meetings/events last year.

The Membership Committee members met in July to assemble and update scrapbooks and photo albums. They also assembled “Goodie Bags” for full-time(non-retired) members which will be handed out at our Sept. 13th meeting.

Our teaching DKG members have already been back to work for several weeks.

(Where did the summer go?) Our active, fulltime teachers are:

Amy Bouchard – Hale
Madelynn Brossard – Campanelli
Julie Ehrhardt – Primary, Woodale, #7
Erin Felvey – Mac Arthur
Keri Gold – Speeh/Lang. Path in #54
Pat Hannisch – Campanelli
Sherry Magnuson – Lincoln Prairie
Jane Martin – Planning Time Sub #54
Dayna Prochaska – Early Learning Center #54
Michelle Baldwin-librarian U-46
Karyn Baldwin- primary dual-language U-46

Many of our retirees are also busy substituting in area schools. Thank you for all your hard work and care that you put into educating our children! We wish them all a wonderful school year!

Also, please introduce yourself to our new members that were initiated in May. They are Debra Hopp, Tish Chapman, Michelle Baldwin, and Karyn Baldwin,

September is not too early to be thinking of future nominees for membership! We all know women educators who would add so much to our organization! This fall, the Program Committee have scheduled interesting programs and enjoyable social events. Invite five people to our meetings and events, so they can become familiar with us. Hopefully, these educators will want to become members of our awesome chapter!


There has been discussion about putting the yearbook online beginning the 2019-20 year. Some chapters are already doing this. When we put our yearbook online we will print out some copies of our yearbook to give to those members who wish to pay for them. This will save us considerable money.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: (Mary Balk and Honora Quinn)

The following are the programs for our 2018-19 year. Please make note of them on your calendars. Detailed descriptions are in the new directories/yearbooks.

Sept. 13– Girls in the Game at Prince of Peace

Saturday October 13– Elgin Country Club-member collections and lunch

November, 3, 1-4pm. Woodcrafters DIY studio in Arlington Heights

Thursday, Dec. 6-Holiday auction and dinner at Prince of Peace

Jan. 19, 2019– Feed My Starving Children

Thursday, Feb. 7– Charles Butler Technology seminar at Our Redeemer’s church

Tuesday, March 12– Music and its effects on the Brain

Thursday, April 11– New Member Tea and Executive Board meeting, location to be determined.

Tuesday, May 7– Spring Celebration of Membership at Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club.

Thursday, September 19, 2019-Get and Stay organized


Educational Excellence met in June and determined the service projects for the 2018-19 school year.  Detailed descriptions are in the new directories/yearbook, upcoming newsletters and on our website.  Please make note of these service projects on your calendars.

September: New Frisbees and “High Fives”- donations for Girls in the Game.  Please bring frisbees and $5.00  to our Sept. 13th meeting.  We will also be collecting school supplies for SD54 students.

October: Items for CASA Kane County’s “Luggage of Love” campaign. This program gives children being placed in foster homes a suitcase filled with incidentals, offering an added sense of dignity to the child.  The following items are needed:

  • Age 0-6: Diapers, tear-free wash/shampoo, pajamas, blanket, teddy bear(boy), doll(girl)
  • Age 7-13: Body wash, shampoo, pajamas, blanket, book, learning activity
  • Age 14-21: Body wash, shampoo, deodorant, gift card(Visa/MC, Target, grocery)

December: Fundraising for recruitment grants.  If you can’t attend please send a check donation to Linda Stolt.

January: Donations to Feed My Starving Children.  If you can’t attend please send a check or give monetary donations to Kris Beaudette.

February: Retired cell phones for “Cell Phones for Soldiers” 

March: New/unopened packages of youth sized underwear for Schaumburg Community Closet and “SIMEK’S food products for personal consumption.

April:  Art Mart donations TBD

May: Donations to Kenneth Young Center collected at our May dinner or mailed to Sudha Byanna.  

May and June:  School supplies for the 2019-20 school year

SPECIAL PROJECTS:  (Kris Beaudette)

DKG Legislative Report August

Important Announcement!

The DKG Legislation Seminar is now scheduled for October 20!  This year’s seminar will be held at the Lincoln Public Library, the public library of Springfield, from 10-4:30.   Speakers are still being arranged, and registration forms will be available soon, but now is the time to “Save the Date” for what promises to be an interesting and informative day!  We hope to see you all there!

Grading the States:  A Report Card on Our Nation’s Commitment to Public Schools

In June 2018, the report on the Network for Public Education and the Schott Foundation released  Grading the States: A Report Card on Our Nation’s Commitment to Public Schools, a report that evaluates the extent to which the 50 states and the District of Columbia are funneling public money away from community public schools to privately run charter and voucher schools. The report also measures the consequences of school privatization on students’ civil rights and taxpayers’ rights to know how their dollars are spent.  Learn more about your state and the nation at the following link.



 You may have visited the DKG Illinois Website and noticed a few changes. Rene DeGuzman, our webmaster, and I worked to “simplify” the location of information to make it more user friendly. The Forms tab no longer exists, it was long and complicated. Instead, forms are now associated with the committee promoting a nomination, application, or registration. For example, under Scholarship you will find the Scholarship Brochure, Special Study Stipend Application and Rubric, and the Scholarship Application and Rubric. Under Women in the Arts you will find registration for Creative Arts Retreat and the application for M. Josephine O’Neil award. Under Educational Excellence you will find nomination forms for Grant In-Aid and Florence A. Cook, call for workshops proposals and other tips for chapter programs. Now is the time to begin thinking about a project you would like to submit for the Foundation for Educational Studies award and all updated documents are under the Foundation tab.

Sharon Vinson, State Treasurer, has completed Form 16 for International and she is delighted to report that 47 chapters gave 145 grants this past year totaling $49,674 and eight chapters gave 24 scholarships totaling $3587. Illinois rocks in support of teaching and learning!

The Literacy Committee is excited to announce the two book selections for the 2019 convention. The first selection is These School Belong to you and Me: Why We Can’t Afford to Abandon Our Public Schools by Deborah Meier and Emily Gasoi. Now more than ever we need to be able to support the importance of publicly funded schools. This book explores ways that we can both save and improve the public -school system to empower all students. The second book is A Fall of Marigolds by Susan Meissner. This book connects the story of two women who lives are touched by tragedy 100 years apart. We are happy to announce that both book talks will take place on the Saturday of convention in order for more members to join the discussions.

We are Key Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide – always Expect Great Things!


Debbie Goodman(Sept 7), Nanette Carli(Sept 14), Mary Roeing and Barb Troeger(Sept 30), Cheryl Keifer(Oct 1), Lorena Williams(Oct 10), Pat Rielly(Oct 11), Joan Gazdic(Oct 15), Marge Fox(Oct 17), Karyn Baldwin(Oct 20), Kathy Stephansen(Oct 24), Jacqui Rothman(Oct 25), Rose Karner(Oct 28)  Happy Birthday, Ladies!


  • Legislation Seminar Registration Form
  • Gamma Gamma Chapter 2018-19 budget
  • Women in the Arts Retreat registration form
  • September Newsletter

                                             Mary’s Missive 

Each month I learn more and more about my role and responsibilities as your chapter president, and I don’t expect that learning to be complete anytime soon.  This is an exciting time for me but I realize I also need to be more organized and focused than usual- something I’m still working on.

This month I look forward to attending my first Lambda State Executive Board meeting in Bloomington, IL on Sept. 21 and 22. I hope to learn a lot about my job as chapter president, as well as the workings of Lambda State. I also look forward to meeting Joan Rog, our chapter ambassador for 2018-19 and discussing our chapter goals with her. 

At this meeting they are collecting Box Tops for Education, as well as supplies for new teachers.  I don’t currently collect Box Tops, but if anyone has several and don’t know what to do with them, please bring them to our Sept. 13th meeting and I will happily take them off your hands!

Thanks to everyone for your support!  I appreciate all ideas and suggestions.

I hope to see many of you at our September 13th meeting!