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Newsletter of Gamma Gamma Chapter of IL State
June 2020

I am excited to be working with all of you during the next biennium. Our Executive Board members and our committees have been hard at work, are flexible, and are “thinking out of the box.” We are gearing up for a great year!

Dates to remember: 

  • Gamma Gamma book club meeting. Thursday, June 30. We will be discussing ­When Life Hands You Lemons… by Katie Weber, daughter of our own Charlotte Weber. Glenda Klein-Mali will be leading the discussion. Please contact her for more details.
  • Executive Board Meeting:  Thursday, August 6, 2020 at 10:00 a.m., at the home of Kris Beaudette, 719 White Willow Bay, Palatine, IL. We plan to meet in person and will make modifications, if needed. Please bring school supplies for Schaumburg Township. More information will come in July for this meeting.
  • Chapter General meeting: Thursday, September 17, 2020. At Prince of Peace Church, 930 W. Higgins Rd., Schaumburg. Setup at 3:00, meeting at 3:30. Program: induction of new members, recognition of new officers, awarding of our traditional spring chapter awards, social time. Please bring school supplies and/or gift cards, note cards, stamps, for use by our mentors of our Grant recipients and college students.
  • Leadership Academy Training at Holiday Inn in Bloomington. September 25 or September 26, New president, Membership Chair/VP, 2nd VP’s/Programs, Communications chair, and Society Business chair are planning to attend. 


  • DUES are due by June 30 to Linda Stolt 1912 Quaker Hollow Ln., Streamwood, IL 60107. Please make checks payable to DELTA KAPPA GAMMA for $84.00.
  • We are living in unique times during the pandemic. Please check your email for any changes to DKG Gamma Gamma events and information. Please also check in with your Gamma Gamma friends to see if they are getting the emails. Thank you for your help!

Care Team News:

  • Mary Wrobel and her husband, Tony, welcomed a new granddaughter, Cora Pearl, on Sunday, June 14. Proud parents are Sam and Jessica Wrobel. Everybody is doing great.
  • Rose Marie Mincey joyfully announce the marriage of her son, Tim, to his beautiful bride, Beth on June 25. They are thrilled to have Beth in the family!

    Please contact Glenda Klein-Mali (and Kris Beaudette) if you have any news for the Care Team.  We also love to hear your good news and celebrations! Let us know what you would like shared with your Gamma Gamma sisters.

Many of our chapter sisters have health issues or other situations they are dealing with which prevent them from coming to meetings.  If you haven’t heard from a Gamma Gamma sister in a while, please take a moment to call or email her. We can all do our part to check on our members and support them when they need us most. 

To all our Gamma Gamma sisters, don’t forget to let us know if you need our support- The Care Team


A tentative budget for 2020-2021 has been generated by the Finance Committee (responsibility of Society Business) through a number of steps.  First, Kris Beaudette (President), Linda Stolt (Treasurer) and Joan Gazdic (Chair of Society Business) conducted an in-person (facial masks and social distancing) discussion to draft a proposed budget based upon our projected Treasury Fund Balance as of July 1 and projected membership as of 8/1/20.  Following this initial step, members of Society Business were sent copies of the proposed budget to review before they attended a Zoom session to review the proposal.  Chairs of committees who had asked to attend were also invited.

The proposed budget will be adjusted as of 8/1/20 when our financial and membership figures are refined.  A copy of this adjusted proposed budget is due to the Finance Chair of Illinois State Organization by August 1.  This proposed budget will be presented to the Executive Board meeting when it meets in August, and then voted upon by the membership for approval when we (hopefully) will be meeting together in September.
Note:  This initial tentative budget depends on receipt of dues from all members by June 30.  More than 20 members have yet to pay their dues!

ProgramsJudie King and Rose Marie Mincey 
The Program committee met on Friday, May 22nd via zoom.  We were able to fill in a variety of programs and social opportunities. This will be coming out in the directory in a full matrix.  A couple of things to keep in mind:  We are planning to use Prince of Peace as it is larger and allows for more physical/social distancing, also, we made the decision to have a program in early February and then in early March, with no program in January.  Our first meeting in September 17th at Prince of Peace so we hope to see you all there!  

Communications Cheryl Keifer, 
What we do:

  • Maintain member data base 
  • Maintain Chapter website which contains Chapter directory and newsletters, calendar of upcoming programs and service projects, links to DKG sites, etc.
  • Prepare checklists for Chapter officers, committee chairs, and directory
  • Prepare certificates for chapter award winners (grants, literacy, Chapter, Love-of-Learning scholarships, etc.) and member longevity awards (maintain list of eligible recipients) for May Celebration
  • Send Chapter news to State for publication in Lambda State Newscaster – 4 submissions
  • Send hard copies of Gamma Gamma newsletters to members not online
  • Send notifications re: Chapter happenings to local newspapers, etc. as necessary
  • Create Chapter directory for September distribution 

Educational Excellence-ScholarshipDenise Pawelczyk, 
The Educational Excellence (Scholarships) Committee met on June 9th via a Zoom meeting.  Sudha Byanna, Cindy Nicholson, Susan Wadkins, Sandy Cook, Peggy Gire, Mary Kay Marrello, Cammy Basak, and Carol McHale were in attendance; in addition to guests, Kris Beaudette and Joan Gazdic. The committee reviewed its 2019-2020 accomplishments, business that arose during the year, and their goals for the upcoming 2020-2021 year. Outcomes included:

  • Reflection and further revision of recruitment grant application.
  • Continued support of D211 visits/sharing of information with Educational Intern classes.
  • Continued sponsorship of chapter wine pull, magnum raffle, and Tipsy Elf raffle at the Gamma Gamma winter auction.
  • Recognizing that Reopen IL phasing may not enable a traditional summer get together of mentors and their mentees, and setting up another meeting to address how to accomplish this through a virtual platform.

MembershipMadelynn Brossard, 
The Membership Committee met via Zoom on June 10th. We discussed and planned around many different topics. We also divided up some names of members we haven’t seen in awhile in order to reach out and make contact with them. We also planned for our return to meetings (hopefully) and for our members who are still working full-time (non-retired). Please introduce yourselves to our new members who will be initiated at our September meeting:

Phyllis Ardaugh, Emily Baldwin, Karly Grapenthin, Matina Kantzavelos, and Diana O’Donnell.

Special Service and Special Projects CommitteeGerie Kay 
The Special Services and Special Projects Committee met on June 17, 2020.  We discussed the Service Projects for each meeting, Sept. 2020 through May 2021.  Our Chapter is able to support many local organizations and individuals in need through the generosity of our Gamma Gamma members. Donations are always OPTIONAL and appreciated.

September -Please bring school supplies and/or gift cards, note cards, postage stamps for use by the mentors of our Grant recipients and our collegiate members.

Watch for other charitable opportunities to come as listed in the chapter directory online.

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Gamma Gamma 
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Facebook Pages to visit:

DKG-Gamma Gamma Chapter
DKG-Illinois Key Women Educators

Birthdays for June and July

12   Denise Pawelczyk
19   Sandy Cook
19   Cindy Nicholson
20    Eden Schulz
22   Gretchen Mahin
23   Debbie Faems
30   Mary Salee

06   Rose Marie Mincey
07   Mary Marowally
07   Janet Starr
10   Cammy Basak
12   Linda Stolt
24   Carol Mc Hale
25   Sudha Byanna

Kris’ Comments:
I’m looking forward to a great year with all of you and I appreciate all of the work everyone does to make our chapter vibrant and exciting. Thanks so much for everyone’s enthusiasm and participation! I continue to marvel at how much everyone steps up to be involved. That is what makes our Gamma Gamma chapter so special.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer. So far, the weather has been lovely and I hope you are able to do many of the summer activities that you enjoy. Take care!