Current Chapter Newsletter

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April  2019

We had a fun and productive Get-Aquainted-Tea for our soon to be members, Cindy Sheely and Katie McGarvey. The Gamma Gamma Executive Board was in attendance, as well as Madelynn Brossard. 

After the Tea our executive board met to plan up-coming events, including our Spring Celebration in May.  Thanks to Kris Beaudette and her husband, Bob, for hosting the Tea and executive board meeting and dinner at their home.


Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • April 19th- Last day to get in your check for your dinner selection for Gamma Gamma’s Annual Spring Celebration and Dinner. If for any reason you are delayed with your check, please contact Rose Marie Mincey ASAP: or 847-421-8637
  • April 26-28- Lambda State DKG Convention in DeKalb, IL. 13 of us are attending-we may win the award for most chapter attendees again!
  • May 7thOur annual Gamma Gamma Celebration Banquet.  Our Spring celebration will be here before we know it! This year we will induct two new members and celebrate the life of our long-time member, Barb Keegan, who passed in February, as well as the life of one of our charter members and past president, Hilda Scholler, who passed away last week. We have grant recipients to honor and other awards to give out. We will all have a chance to view the video of our collegiate induction of our 4 college members from last December. We are excited to celebrate the retirement of two of our Gamma Gamma members. And finally, we will honor our 50 and 45 year members.  We are especially excited to have 3 state executive board members joining us, including our Lambda State President, Debbie LeBlanc. We have a lot to celebrate-please join us! Please use the attached May Banquet invitation and send in your check and dinner selection ASAP.
  • May 21stThe Program Committee is meeting with co-chairs Mary Balk and Honora Quinn to plan next year’s programs. They are meeting at 3:30pm, place TBD.
  • May 30thSociety Business is meeting at Joan Gazdic’s house at 9:30 am. 
  • May 30th– Our Chapter Book Club is meeting at Riccardo’s Restaurant at 5:30pm to discuss Summit Lake by Charles Donlea. This book is a suspenseful fast-paced thriller!  Just what we need to start the summer!
  • June 11thMembership Committee meeting with chair, Rose Karner at 9:30 am at TBD.
  • June 13thEducational Excellence and Special Service Projects is meeting at Riccardo’s for a noon lunch meeting with chairs, Denise Pawelczyk and Kris Beaudette.


  • Our Gamma Gamma Chapter will be selling black fabric shopping bags with the DKG logo at our convention bazaar this year, as well as at our May 7th Spring Celebration. Thanks to Mary Balk and Honora Quinn for this great idea!  If you want to order bags ahead of time or have any questions about these lovely bags, please contact Mary Balk: The cost of each bag is $6.00.
  • As announced many times, our dues will be collected early this year.  Instead of October, we need all chapter dues by May.  Please send your $84 check for dues now through May to Linda Stolt:1912 Quaker Hollow Ln., Streamwood, IL 60107-1977
  • Any member is welcome to attend more than one committee meeting, but it is important that you attend your own committee meeting. Your committee needs your in-put and help to make important decisions. Make note of the committee meeting date and times and contact your committee chair to let them know you are attending. If you wish to change committees, contact new and old committee chairs.  

*Lambda State IL Convention will be April 26-28 in Decatur, IL.  It’s not too late to register.  So far, 13 of our chapter members are attending and a few of us from our chapter will be presenting. There are many great presentations and fun activities to attend.  The Decatur Conference Center is a great facility. You can find the registration form in the DKG Newscaster and our Lambda State website:

Karyn Baldwin, Sandy Cook and Denise Pawelczyk will be presenting “Planting Seeds for Collegiate Membership” on April 27th at the Lambda State Convention.  Glenda Klein-Mali and Mary Wrobel are presenting two short sessions on Creating a Chapter Care Team and Starting a Chapter Book Club. Jacqui Rothman will be co-presenting a book chat on A Fall of Marigolds. We look forward to hearing all about the convention when our chapter attendees return from DeKalb.

Care Team News:

Please contact Glenda Klein-Mali(and Mary Wrobel) if you have any news for the Care Team.  We also love to hear your good news and celebrations! Let us know what you would like shared with your Gamma Gamma sisters via newsletter or other announcements. We can also be discreet, if you don’t wish to announce your situation to all chapter members. 

  • We are sad to report that Kathy Muench’s brother, John, recently passed away. You can email her at or send a card to her Florida address: 10474 Hyannisport Loop, San Antonio, FL 33576
  • We are also sad to report that Hilda Scholler, a charter member and past president of Gamma Gamma passed away recently.  Hilda was an active member in a Wisconsin chapter(while in her 90s) and was the mother-in-law of Sally Scholler. You can write to Sally and Bruce Scholler at 303 Somerset Dr., Streamwood, IL 60107-1040 
  • Please keep up the good wishes and prayers for Charlotte Weber’s daughter, Katie. Katie loves to hear from her mom’s Gamma Gamma sisters. Here is Katie’s address: 

Katie Weber
3039 18th Ave. S.
Seattle, WA 98144 

To all our Gamma Gamma sisters, don’t forget to let us know if you need our support- The Care Team



Society Business covers chapter finances, rules and research. If you are interested in attending this committee meeting, please contact Joan Gazdic.  This committee will be working on the budget for next year, as well as revising chapter regulations.

*It seems like we just paid our dues, but we will be paying them again early, and hereafter in May.  Please send your $84.00 dues for the 2019-20 year to Linda Stolt now: Linda Stolt 1912 Quaker Hollow Ln., Streamwood, IL 60107-1977


This committee covers membership inductions and issues, necrology, nominations and Chapter history/archives.  If you are interested in attending or joining this committee meeting, please contact Rose Karner.


This committee covers creates our annual yearbook/directory, published newsletters, our chapter website and publicity.  This year our directory will be online, on our website.  Communications will publish a few yearbooks for those who don’t have computers or printers. Please contact Cheryl Keifer if you are interested in attending their meetings or joining this committee.

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: (Mary Balk and Honora Quinn) 

Mary and Honora are excited to begin planning for new and interesting programs for the 2019-20 year. All are welcome to attend this meeting on May 21st and bring your ideas for our programs.  Contact Mary Balk or Honora Quinn if you want to attend. 

Mark your Calendars!

  • Tuesday, May 7– Spring Celebration of Membership at Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club. 
  • Thursday, September 19, 2019-Get and Stay organized


This committee will take on the chapter scholarships and grants, as well as collegiate mentorship and memberships, almost exclusively.  If you wish to learn more about this committee, or want to attend a committee meeting, please contact Denise Pawelczyk.


We look forward to joining Lauren Haman and Eden Schultz at Lambda State Convention, as we congratulate them on winning the Florence A. Cook recruitment grant and the Josephine M. O’Neil recruitment grant.  We are so proud of their accomplishments!

*Our next service project will be collected at our May 7th spring celebration.  Please consider making monetary donations to the KENNETH YOUNG CENTER.  We will not be collecting school supplies that night.  Instead, PLEASE BRING SCHOOL SUPPLIES TO YOUR COMMITTEE MEETINGS.  Thank you!!

Please make note of these service projects on your calendars:

May: Donations to Kenneth Young Center collected at our May dinner or mailed to Sudha Byanna: 59 Germaine Place, Schaumburg, IL 60173

June: We will be collecting School supplies for the 2019-20 school year at our committee meetings.


This committee will take over local and international service projects, as well as continue with DKG legislation and literacy.

If you wish to attend this committee meeting in June, please contact Kris Beaudette. 


Get ready for a GREAT convention April 26, 27 and 28!

 We have an excellent line-up of programs this year at our Lambda State Convention. We are offering 22 one-hour sessions, three of which are double sessions, 18 ten-minute takeaways, and 9 posters. Some of the sessions will begin as early as 4:30 pm on Friday April 26. There is definitely something for everyone!

We also have several vendors who will be offering a wide variety of goods and service at our convention. 

 40th Annual Creative Arts Retreat 

The Women in the Arts Committee invites you to mark your calendars now for the 40th Annual Creative Arts Retreat to be held at Allerton Park in Monticello, Il June 28-30, 2019. Registration is first come first serve. The form is posted on the website under the WIA committee tab. You won’t want to miss this special event celebrating 40 years of CAR.


JUNE 24, 25 & 26, 2019 at Bradley University

Presentations will include: Leading a New Generation, How to Create Authentic Relationships, Cyber Safety – Are You in Danger?, Up in the IClouds, Googling Your Life, Your Leadership Legacy, Traditional Learning vs Cyber Learning, Leader’s Tool Box for Organizing a Conference, Teachers Are not “in Kansas” Anymore – Who is This New Teacher?, Creating Web Pages for Personal and Professional Use, Using Technology for Presentations, Organize Your Life the Cyber Way, etc. 

The list continues with presentations by experts in their fields. Classes have been designed to appeal to all ages and those who are working or retired from education.

See attached registration form in this newsletter.

We are Key Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide – always Expect Great Things!


Nancy Harmon(April 21), Julie Ehrhardt(May 10), Mary Wrobel(May 15), Honora Quinn(May 27), and Cindy Ward(May 31). Happy Birthday, Ladies!


                                            Mary’s Missive 

As I mentioned in last month’s newsletter, Joan Rog, our Lambda State Visitor is very impressed with our chapter and thinks our chapter members have big opportunities in their future as DKG members. In fact, she asked me if I would be willing to give the invocation at our Lambda State Convention.  That’s quite the honor, and something I will need to give much thought to very soon!

As always, I’m looking forward to our state convention and all the many activities, and opportunities for fellowship and learning.  Kris Beaudette and I are also honored to be singing in the Jubilation Choir, which sings 7 songs on Saturday night and Sunday morning at convention.  That means that besides an invocation to write and two mini session presentations to prepare(with Glenda)I have a lot of music to learn before April 26th!