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June 2021

Important Dates to Remember
Websites to Remember
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Gamma Gamma chapter:
Illinois State Organization:
Zoom links for DKG-ISO programs: Subscribe to this channel: Delta Kappa Gamma, Illinois, Key Women Educators. Many/most of the slide shows from Zoom programs are saved to this channel. The Zoom sessions are not recorded, but the slides that the presenters used are all saved here, for your convenient viewing. 

Facebook Pages to Visit
DKG-Gamma Gamma Chapter
DKG-Illinois Key Women Educators
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
DKG-ILSOWIACAR- This is the Facebook page for the Illinois State Organization Women in the Arts Creative Arts Retreat (virtual.)

Dues Reminder from Linda

It’s time to pay your 2021-22 dues.
Active members – $84.00 
Reserve members – $42.00

If a member receives her newsletter via U.S. mail, $5.00 needs to be added.  
All checks must be received by June 15, 2021, and should be made payable to “Delta Kappa Gamma.” 

Please submit any vouchers for reimbursement to Linda Stolt at 1912 Quaker Hollow Ln., Streamwood, IL, 60107-1977. Original receipts must be attached and the vouchers are available on our chapter website,  All vouchers must be received by June 15, 2021.

Book Club
June 15 (Tuesday) – This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel, 2017.  The novel is about a transgender child Claude/Poppy born into a large loving family, how that family comes to accept that Claude wants to be a girl, and about the secret they keep until it explodes.

All Book Club meetings are at 7:00 on Zoom.  (Link sent closer to the meeting)

Recently passed meeting
We had a marvelous Spring Celebration of Membership on May 27, 2021. We were so fortunate that we were able to hold the event indoors, which was lucky, considering that it rained! 

Welcome to all of our new members, congratulations to all of our Recruitment Grant winners from 2020 and 2021, our college grads from 2020 and 2021, and to all of our special anniversary members. It was wonderful to see everyone! Many thanks go out to the Programs committee and the Membership committee, and to everyone else who worked hard to plan and run the event. It was a thrill to see this team work together on behalf of the members. 

Joan Rog, our DKG-ISO president-elect, was delighted to attend and she says that our chapter is awesome! Many thanks go out to her for attending and for bringing her delicious muffins for us.

Next meeting
No chapter meeting until September. It will be in person. Wahoo! In the meantime, enjoy the summer!

Special announcement about the delicious decorated cookies:
We had many questions about the cookies. Here is the information from Gerie Kay.
Cookies and Specialty
Cake du Jour        email is
Kathy Cherie   847-849-0549


Society Business- Joan Gazdic, 
No news from Society Business. All is well. 

Membership, Madelynn Brossard, 
We will be having our annual committee meeting. I will be in touch soon with more information. 

Educational Excellence-Scholarship -Denise Pawelczyk, 
What an exciting afternoon we had at the spring celebration!  
*Our new 2021 recruitment grant recipients were introduced to their mentors and to the chapter!  Vivian Zhao, Sydney Kozlowski, and members of their families were in attendance.  Both young women shared their thanks to the chapter and told a little about their future plans.  Vivian will be attending U of I–Urbana-Champaign and although majoring in education, has not yet determined what her area of expertise will be.  Sydney will be attending IL State University and is already focused on achieving a degree in physical education.   In talking to their parents, they were highly impressed with our chapter’s sense of caring and were grateful for having us all as resources and mentors for their daughters.

*Our 2020 recruitment grant recipients, Giselle Menjivar and Jillian Mininni, got to express their gratitude to the chapter, and were excited to meet the chapter for the first time in person!  They also gave the chapter a glimpse of what it was like to be freshman at IL State University; away from home during the pandemic.  

*Our 2020 and 2021 graduating college seniors were there in person to speak to the chapter, too!.  Jennifer Navarrete spoke about  experiences as a student teacher of history at Taft High School in Chicago during the spring.  Rachel Maniscalco told us about her year long student teaching experience with a kindergarten class in Normal, IL.  If you’ve heard of any schools with openings, please let these girls know!  Their contact information is in our directory under “Collegiate Members”..! Eden Schultz, brought the house down telling the chapter about “…aging 30 years” as a substitute teacher during her back to back maternity leaves this winter and spring after graduating in December of 2020 from Concordia University with a degree in instrumental music and band.  I am happy to report that Eden has landed a job teaching music in Palatine District 15! Karly Grapenthin, another 2020 graduate, was unable to attend in person, but sent a written letter of appreciation to the chapter for all of their support throughout her college years at NIU, and the support she continued to receive this year as a first year special education teacher at Hoffman Estates High School.  Karly’s letter also addressed our new grant recipients, stating “….Today is the start of something amazing.  Not only have you received monetary support for college, but you officially have a new support system, friends of life, and fellow-teachers to always turn to in times of need.  Your DKG experience has just begun and there is so much more fun to come!”  A true testament of what our Gamma Gamma chapter is all about!
*Goose bumps were felt throughout all of these young women’s speeches, but even more so when watching Eden Schultz transition from collegiate member to active member!  (Karly Grapenthin became an active member via Zoom last fall..!)  Our chapter now has 6 young women who were previous recruitment grant recipients, and are now active members.

*Kate Lechowicz, our chapter’s 2019 Anne Fussell Recruitment Grant recipient, has accepted an invitation to become a collegiate member of our chapter.  Kate will be a junior at the University of Dayton.  Emily Ostermann, recommended by chapter member, Madelynn Brossard, has also accepted an invitation to become a collegiate member.  Emily will be a senior at Roosevelt University.  (Collegiate membership is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in an institution offering an education degree, and are in the last two years of their degree program.  Members do not have to be previous recruitment grant recipients.)

Members of the Educational Excellence Committee met during May and early June to revise our recruitment grant application and its rubric.  An ENORMOUS thank you to Cammy Basak, Joan Gazdic, Gerie Kay, Carol McHale, and Susan Wadkins for their hours of work polishing and refining the tools that we will use to screen future high school graduates applying for the grants available from our chapter!!!

The annual meeting of the Educational Excellence Committee is planned for Monday, June 14th, at 10:30am.  A reminder has already been sent to the members of the committee.  (A Zoom invitation will follow closer to the meeting’s date.)

Programs- Rose Marie Mincey / Judie King, 
We have organized our thoughts about how to proceed with next year’s calendar and we would like to have a Zoom meeting to finalize some decisions with your. We had a lot of programs “waiting in the wings” from this past year, so we actually didn’t need much in the way of suggestions. 

We were very encouraged that so many of our members were comfortable with our recent indoor activity, so we are going to proceed with scheduling with the idea that most of our meetings can be in person. Woo hoo!!!

We would like to have our Zoom meeting on Thursday, June 17 at 10:00 in the morning. Zoom information will follow.

Communication, Cheryl Keifer, 
Please send all data updates to Cheryl at as soon as possible.  

Communications Committee will be putting the yearbook directory together over the next few months and has to have the most current contact data (see below) for everyone. This info is shared with our president and the rest of the executive board as well as the general membership, and it is vital to maintaining our ability to keep everyone informed about Gamma Gamma happenings throughout the year. 
Thanks so much! 

Please include your name, preferred phone, best address, email, and current job position and location.
Thanks so much!
Cheryl Keifer, Communications Chair

Service and Special Projects- Gerie Kay,
Our committee prepared a framed document to display all the Literacy
Awarded individuals since 2002 and a description of why they were chosen.  The Award can be for a member or non member.  This year’s award was presented to Susan Wadkins who organized, scheduled and led Gamma Gamma Chapter book club using zoom video conferencing.

Sudah Byanna collected the donations for Kenneth Young Center (KYC)
5k Run/Walk to be held at Busse Woods on June 26 .  If you have any questions and/or would like to participate contact Sudah 847-212-6407.

Care Team News:
Please contact Glenda Klein-Mali (and Kris Beaudette) if you have any news for the Care Team.  We also love to hear your good news and celebrations! Let us know what you would like shared with your Gamma Gamma sisters.

Many of our chapter sisters have health issues or other situations they are dealing with which prevent them from coming to meetings.  If you haven’t heard from a Gamma Gamma sister in a while, please take a moment to call or email her. We can all do our part to check on our members and support them when they need us most. 

To all our Gamma Gamma sisters, don’t forget to let us know if you need our support- 
The Care Team

Kris’ Corner 
Thanks to all who work continuously to make our chapter so successful. I can’t say enough good things about all that this group accomplishes. I am thrilled that we are all devoted to the success of our chapter. Thank you so much!

Enjoy your summer!