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Newsletter of the Gamma Gamma Chapter of IL State

July 2019

For all of us complaining about the rain and cool weather in June, the heat is here!

Several members of the Membership Committee met at Sue Werner’s house to assemble and label/decorate pages for our Gamma Gamma Chapter photo albums, as well as collect items for our working members’ goody bags. This is an annual event hosted by Sue Werner. We all had a fun time chatting while working.  Big thanks to Sue Werner who graciously fed us a lovely lunch.  

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

  • July 23 –Book Club gathering at Bahama Breeze at 5:30pm.  Contact Rose Karner if you are attending
  • August 8  Executive Board meeting of Gamma Gamma Chapter at Panera Bread, Barrington Arboretum at 12noon in the conference room. 
  • September 19 – Our program meeting: Get and Stay Organized


  • Jennifer Navarrete and Rachel Maniscalco were inducted as collegiate members of the DKG Gamma Gamma chapter on June 12th.  
  • Jennifer Navarrete is a junior at University of Illinois at Chicago.  Her goal is to teach history at the high school level.  Jennifer is being mentored by Mary Kay Marrello.
  • Rachel Maniscalco is a junior at IL State University. She is majoring in early education, and will begin interning this fall in the Bloomington-Normal area. Rachel’s mentor is Joan Gazdic.
  • It is with much pride that we are happy to announce that Lauren Haman, our 2015 grant recipient, has decided to become a member of our Gamma Gamma chapter. Lauren was one of Gamma Gamma’s first collegiate members; having been inducted in December of 2018.  She is a May 2019 graduate of IL State University. Lauren was awarded one of the Florence A. Cook Grants by the DKG IL State Organization this year. She student taught at Maine South High School, and was hired as one of their math teachers.  She has already started her formal teaching—having jumped into teaching a 3 week summer school class. (6-hours of algebra and geometry class M-Th—bless her!) Lauren has also assumed the assistant coaching position for the Maine South dance team. She is our chapter’s first graduating collegiate member to choose to transition to active member status! 
  • We wish the best for Judie King and Rose Marie Mincey, who are both volunteering in Kenya for Ingage Unlimited this month. We look forward to hearing all about this amazing service at our October Program.
  • Cheryl Keifer and the Communications Committee are working hard to put together our 2019-20 yearbook/directory, and they hope to get it done soon.  Also, please read about some important changes to our new directory and phone-tree changes in our Communications Committee Report in this newsletter. 
  • We are collecting gift cards for our collegiate members and scholarship winners, who are still in college. Any gift cards you have and don’t plan to use will be appreciated.  Our members who mentor our college students already give very generously to them and appreciate any additional gift cards we can give. Please give any gift cards to Denise Pawelczyk.
  • Kris Davenport wants to let members know about Robyn’s Nest Boutique located at 14 S. Evergreen Ave. in Arlington Heights.  The shop features handmade and vintage finery, consigned fashions, accessories, repurposed furniture and decor.  Hours of operation are Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 5pm.  Appointments for consignments or donations occur on Mondays.  Call 224-735-7400 for inquiries or to schedule an appointment.  A portion of all sales benefits homeless children within District 59.
  • Remember to periodically check out our chapter website( which is beautifully managed by our webmaster, Kathy Muench. Our website contains directory/yearbook information, newsletters, meeting minutes, chapter information and history, as well as state information and forms.  This is just some of what you will find on our website.  Kathy has also included photos and upcoming events.  Most of our website information is openly accessible, but if you need a password to access specific areas use our chapter password which is found on the back of our yearbook.
  • Also, don’t forget to check out our state organization website, . You may need to use your member number, found on the back of your yearbook, as a password. 

Care Team News:

Please contact Glenda Klein-Mali(and Mary Wrobel) if you have any news for the Care Team.  We also love to hear your good news and celebrations! Let us know what you would like shared with your Gamma Gamma sisters via newsletter or other announcements. We can also be discreet, if you don’t wish to announce your situation to all chapter members. 

  • If you have any extra Get Well cards, blank note cards or stamps, please consider donating them to the Care Team. Our very dedicated Care Team members pay for those items out of their own pockets and we don’t want them to stop what they do because of lack of funds. Bring your donations to any of our meeting and give to Glenda Klein-Mali. Thanks!
  • We wish Charlotte Weber a good recovery as she recovers from her hip surgery. You can send Charlotte get well wishes at 1004 N. Derbyshire Ave, Arlington Hts., IL 60004 or
  • We wish Stephanie Grande well as she continues with physical therapy for her back. We hope she will be able to get back to golfing soon.  
  • As always, please keep up the good wishes and prayers for Charlotte Weber’s daughter, Katie. Katie loves to hear from her mom’s Gamma Gamma sisters. Here is Katie’s address:  Katie Weber, 3039 18th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98144 

Many of our chapter sisters have health issues or other situations they are dealing with which prevent them from coming to meetings.  If you haven’t heard from a Gamma Gamma sister in a while, please take a moment to call or email her. We can all do our part to check on our members and support them when they need us most. 

To all our Gamma Gamma sisters, don’t forget to let us know if you need our support- The Care Team



The Society Business committee will be reviewing our Chapter By-Laws within the next few months to incorporate Illinois, Lambda State Organization changes or consider any other proposals of Executive Board Members or Standing Committees. Chapter By-Laws are guidelines for our functional practices to maintain Delta Kappa Gamma’s program of work, mission and vision, and to fulfill its seven purposes.  Changes already under consideration include induction (formerly ‘initiation’), collegiate membership, dues collection, and moving Personal Growth and Services responsibilities (service projects) from Educational Excellence- Scholarships Committee to Special Projects Committee. Committee chairs, please bring any additional By-Law revisions to be considered to the attention of Mary Wrobel or Joan Gazdic, Society Business Chair, by August 1.  The Executive Board will discuss new proposals at our next Executive Board meeting in August. Society Business will work on the changing roles of some committees with regards to Educational Excellence-Scholarships and the combined Service and Special Projects Committee.


Membership Committee met on July 15 at Sue Werner’s home to work on the chapter photo albums, as well as collecting items for our working members’ goody bags. Thanks to all our committee members who generously donated items and to Madelynn Brossard who supplied the bags. As always, this was a wonderful group effort for our fulltime working members. We so appreciate all your hard work teaching students.

Rose Karner is looking for chapter members who want to be on the Nomination Committee, to nominate new executive board members in the spring.  Let Rose know if you wish to be a part of this process.


FYI: The Gamma Gamma Yearbook will be completely online once again this coming year. Only member contact sheets and program info will be distributed as handouts in September. Members without computer access will receive hard copies. Others always have the option to print their own additional sections, as needed.   

Also, in the fall we will be using a different system for emergency member contact. The phone tree will no longer be used (except for members without computer access). Instead, ‘text alerts’ will be sent out to refer members to emails sent by our president. Fortunately, emergency messages go out very rarely, but when they are necessary, this should be a more efficient way to help get the news out.

To get these ‘heads up’ alerts, we need to have the cell phone number that you would use to receive texts. If we don’t have a text-able cell phone number for you, you will only receive the emergency email sent by Mary.

Also, please add this name (CHERYL KEIFER) and cell phone number (847.305.9404) to your cell phone contact list so that you and your phone will recognize the text message sender. (On occasion Mary might have to send the text, but you probably have her name and cell phone number in your cell phone contact list already. Please check. (MARY WROBEL – 630.639.2700)

PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THE ‘EMERGENCY’ TEXTS. They will contain no message other than to check your ‘email’ for a message from our president. NOTE: Most of you already have my contact info, and it’s more likely that I’ll be contacting you for other reasons. Therefore, please don’t ignore any of my messages or be overly concerned when you see a message from me.

This is all new, and there will be some wrinkles. Thanks so much for your patience.  Cheryl Keifer, Communications Committee Chair

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: (Mary Balk and Honora Quinn) 

Attached to this newsletter is the updated, and hopefully, final program matrix for 2019-20.  Please make note of the dates and places for our upcoming meetings, and check to see if/when you are hostessing, or giving a reflection. We don’t want anyone surprised at the last minute.

Our next program meeting is Thursday, September 19, 2019-Get and Stay organized! We are collecting school supplies for U-46 and Huff school.


Lauren Hamen is now an active member of Gamma Gamma Chapter!  Lauren was excited to become an active member now that she will be teaching math as a first year teacher at Maine South H.S.

Lauren has already paid her dues, but we hope to do an informal presentation-style induction for her with our membership at our September meeting.  

We have had two former grant recipients who have been mentored by our chapter, and accepted invitations to become active members of our chapter: 

Karyn Baldwin, our 2013 grant recipient, and Katie McGarvey, our 2014 grant recipient. 

With the inception of the collegiate membership status at the DKG level, collegiate members can now transfer directly to active member status upon college graduation; should they desire.

*If you haven’t signed up yet for upcoming jobs in the Educational Excellence Committee, please look over the jobs listed and let Denise know if you can help out.  One of our goals is to get committee members more actively involved:  A sign-up sheet for jobs throughout the year was passed at our committee meeting in June.  Jobs include:

*Helping recruitment grant recipients edit their state level grant application with an emphasis on their essays.
*Being a member of the recruitment grant selection team.
*Helping with the proposed fundraiser for the holiday auction—wrapping or making a poster. (See 2019-2020 Goal #2.)
*Helping write state DKG Foundation Grants for active members’ classrooms.
*Speaking to “Education Intern” classes.
*Volunteering to plant at Huff School.
*Willing to volunteer in active members’ classrooms.
*Helping to write a short “pinning” ceremony should a collegiate member transition to active member status. (See 2019-2020 Goal #4.)


SERVICE AND SPECIAL PROJECTS:  (Kris Beaudette and Gerie Kay)

This committee is newly reorganized and will now plan and manage our monthly service projects along with managing the tasks of the Special Projects committee. 

The following service projects were chosen for the 2019-2020 calendar: September: School supplies for U-46 schools and specifically for Huff School, October: Possible monetary donations to Ingage, which is our program for the month, November: no service project, December: contributions, donations of items, and purchases at our annual Holiday Auction, January: cash donations to Feed My Starving Children, January meeting: donations of children’s pajamas/underwear/toiletries for Chicago-based charity, February: TBA fundraiser for Special Olympics, March: donations for District 54 Food Bank, April: no project, May: school supplies.

*Our book swap will continue and Cindy Sheely will help with taking any leftover books to the local library for donation.

  • The service project for September 19th is school supplies for Huff Elementary School in District U-46.  Please contact Karyn Baldwin( for specific items you can donate to Huff School.


Our state name has been officially changed to Illinois State Organization of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International, formerly known as, Lambda State Organization. The new state theme for 2019-20 is “Making a Difference”, chosen by our new state president, Bev Johns. We look forward to seeing her biennium pins at convention in 2020.

Upcoming state activities: 

Our state executive board meeting is September 20-21 in Bloomington, IL


Carol McHale(July 24), Sudha Byanna(July 25), Joyce Dunne(July 29), Kris Beaudette(Aug 12), Mary Kay Marrello(Aug 12), Judie King(Aug 17), Kathy Muench(Aug 18), Jo Ann Bechtold(Aug 19), Glenda Klein-Mali(Aug 19), Jane Born(Aug 21), Madelynn Brossard(Aug 22), Dayna Prochaska(Aug 26), Linda Szymkowiak(Aug 27), and Gerie Kay(Aug 28). Lots of birthdays in August! Happy Birthday, Ladies!


                                            Mary’s Missive

July has been a quiet month, thus far, as we all try to stay cool while enjoying the remains of summer. I have spent my summer working on various writing projects, gardening and playing with my grandchildren (mostly in the water).  I’m looking forward to a trip to Maine next week. I know many of our members have been traveling and doing an assortment of activities, some quite exciting!  Please let me know what you have been up to-I’d love to share your adventures in our newsletter.  I hope you all have a fun, relaxing rest of your summer!

Stay hydrated,