Membership benefits include leadership training, scholarships, grants, insurance offerings, group discounts and networking opportunities through attendance at conferences and conventions. A juried professional journal, newsletter and other publication are also provided to members.

Members are empowered with new knowledge and professional development targeted towards reaching their full potential.  As a group of more than 100,000 strong, DKG members are women educators impacting education worldwide.

Funding is available for outstanding high school graduates entering teacher preparation programs, for college students completing their preparation, or for non-members returning to the profession. These awards are funded by special projects and contributions at the chapter and state organization levels.  State organizations and chapters establish criteria for these awards.

The Society offers 29 annual and two biennial international scholarships of $6,000 each for study beyond the Master’s degree. For the celebration of the 75th Anniversary in 2004, 75 stipends of $1,000 were awarded for projects submitted by members. To qualify for an international scholarship, the applicant must have been an active member of The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International for a minimum of three years. Lambda State and Gamma Gamma Chapter offers their own scholarships.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Educational Foundation sponsors activities that further the educational purposes of the Society and the Foundation’s Mission to support and encourage intercultural understanding and educational excellence. The major areas of activity of the Educational Foundation are Projects funded by voluntary contributions, the Seminar in Purposeful Living preceding international conventions and administering the Lucile Cornetet Professional Development Fund that supports the Lucile Cornetet Individual Awards for Professional Development, the Lucile Cornetet Professional Development Seminar Awards and maintenance of the Educator Edge website for professional development (