About Us

Welcome to the Gamma Gamma Chapter website. Here you will find current and updated information about our chapter, Lambda State Organization and The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International. It also offers prospective members and members of the community the opportunity to learn about our support of projects on the community, state, and international levels in relation to the mission and seven purposes of the international organization.

The membership is comprised of public and/or private school teachers, educational specialists, teacher librarians, principals, administrators and other key women educators. Membership is by invitation only and offers a wide variety of benefits and privileges. Lambda State and International conferences and conventions support the professional and personal growth of members and focus attention on current educational issues and concerns. Through this organization, women educators are offered a lifelong association with other educators who are engaged in the pursuit of common interests, goals, and ideas as they strive for professional growth and to become leaders for the advancement of education.

Our vision is to create a strong sisterhood, build leadership and promote friendship with a focus on community service, knowledge and excellence.


Your password is on the cover (front) of your yearbook/directory and is case sensitive.