Anne Fussell Recruitment Grant



Anne Fussell Remembrances

Anne Fussell, born January 22, 1951, taught in District 54 for thirty-seven years. For thirty-five of those years, she taught Kindergarten at Campanelli School. It is often said that “There is a special place in heaven for kindergarten teachers.” Whoever said that must have known Anne.

Teaching kindergarten children is one of the most challenging assignments, but Anne made it look easy. She had a special presence in the classroom…quiet, firm, and calm. Under her gentle guidance, children learned to sit, listen, raise their hands and write their letters. Her students developed strong self esteem as well as the ability to share because they felt secure, safe and loved. Anne provided a lasting educational foundation to over 2000 children. She never wavered in her commitment to her students.

Campanelli School was like a family, and Anne was at the center of this caring staff. She was always quietly helping, ready to do cheerfully whatever was needed. Never in the spotlight; she just quietly tried to make life easier for everyone else. She brought joy to everyone as she dressed in various costumes during the year. There are pictures of her reading to students, passing out candy, working at fun fairs…all while dressed as a mouse, a cat, Dr. Seuss or a troll.

Anne was also a steadfast member of Delta Kappa Gamma for many, many years. She became a effective leader for the Special Projects Committee. Her enthusiasm and sense of fun helped her collect large amounts of money for the clean, water project and for Pennies for Peace. Under her direction Feed My Starving Children became a significant annual fundraiser for our group. She was a great friend to the women of Delta Kappa Gamma.

Anne passed away much too soon at the age of sixty-three. We miss her so much, but we carry in our hearts her memory and the simple things she taught us. Her sweet spirit will always be with her friends, her students, their parents, and her dear brother, Jon.

Jon Fussell has graciously set up a living memorial for Anne. The Anne Fussell Memorial Recruitment Grant is funded mainly by Jon, with additional funds being donated by Delta Kappa Gamma members.  In addition to high academic achievement, we look for a young woman who exemplifies the qualities that were so special about Anne Fussell … kindness, patience, friendship, humor, humility and dedication.