Chapter Scholarships

The Service Projects Committee of Gamma Gamma Chapter has the responsibility for encouraging chapter members to apply for International scholarships, Lambda State scholarships and stipends, and International and Lambda State Foundation Grants.

The committee takes applications for scholarships (all scholarships listed above) and submits them to appropriate international and state committees prior to the printed deadline date for each scholarship.

The chapter Service Projects Committee awards a Gamma Gamma scholarship for up to $100.00 to a member for course work or workshop taken for professional growth.  The course/workshop must be taken between June 1st of the previous year and May 31st of the current year.  Eligible members shall submit an application including their name, date of course/workshop, university or sponsoring institution, and course/workshop title to the committee chair by April 1st.

The Gamma Gamma scholarship is awarded at the May meeting of the chapter by random selection of a member’s name from those submitting the necessary information.

Scholarship and Love of Learning Applications